Portishead Lido

Posted on: 10th Jul 2018 by: DG Pool & Leisure

Portishead Lido has been given a new lease of life.

The upgrade of the historic Portishead Lido was a great opportunity to show off DG Pool and Leisure's expertise in commercial filtration and mechanical services.
DG Pool & Leisure met the client and put forward initial proposals. The client was suitably impressed with our experience and knowledge. We urgently needed to upgrade the filtration to meet all current industry and PWTAG standards with quality and reliable equipment.
Work started with excavating the perimeter pipework and removing the old scum channels. The new skimmers and pipework were installed and the edges of the pool made good ready for the installation of the new liner. Meanwhile the existing filtration plant was broken up and removed by the D G Pool and Leisure team who installed the new plant.