Hydrotherapy Pools

Making the DG Pool & Leisure Difference

DG Pool & Leisure were called to Christopher’s Children’s Hospice in Surrey where they had been having trouble with the pool, causing them to close it off almost permanently.

On arrival to the site, the DG Pool & Leisure team were taken back at the state of the pool.  Director of DG Pool & Leisure, Glyn Lucas explains: “The filtration and flow-rates  simply weren’t acceptable and spa jets and blowers were left stationary and stagnating for 3-4 days breeding bacteria.

DG Pool & Leisure soon set about improving filtration and adding correct equipment to the pool.  The team spoke to the key suppliers and were offered support on many of the products. This reduced the overall cost of the project, which was passed directly on to the client, saving them over £8,000.

Contributions were kindly made by Certikin Pumps & Filters, Waterco Filters, Triogen UV, Pollet Pools and Poddymeter Flowmeters. DG Pools also contributed one week of labour and two LED underwater lights.

The work was completed early this year and the pool has been not closed since.

DG Pool & Leisure prides itself in making a difference. Talk to the team today to find out how we can make a difference to your pool.