Automatic Chemical Dosing

If you would like the maintenance of your pool water to involve as little work as possible and have quality water at all times…

Then you need the expertise and craftsmanship of D G Pool & Leisure to install an automatic dosing and monitoring system that will ensure that your water is always in good condition.

We can supply and install a compact measuring, regulating and dosing unit for private swimming pools that is second to none.

DG Pool & Leisure is able to supply all chemical dosing requirements to both commercial and residential pools. We are able to offer state of the art automatic dosing and monitoring sytems tailor-made to your pool.

DG Pool & Leisure prides itself in a repulation for offering expertise at great value that is available when you need it.

As well as dosing systems, we are able to supply and install individual components such as pumps, tanks and associated products.